TIME Token (MetaFi)

Current Challenges

  • Time is the most restricted resource available to anyone.

  • As Metaverse's mature and new implementations are released, users lose their time investment in the old game when they move to a new game

  • There is poor interoperability between metaverse items due to implementation, balance and cheating implications

  • Users are currently not rewarded for participating in metaverse activities unless they are hosting them.

  • The sunken-Cost fallacy stops user adoption across a wider variety of games.

  • In-Game currency has little to 0 intrinsic value (See SLP) and is not useful unless used within the Metaverse it originated from.


  • Implement a mechanic to convert item value to a time-investment value allowing time to be rewarded fairly.

  • Items and Metaverse tokens can be freely swapped based on their intrinsic time-investment allowing F2P users to earn by playing and P2P to skip/buy items with their monetary tokens in a fair way.

  • Promotes the use of AlphaBatem Central to initiate and claim tokens.

  • Metaverses within the AlphaBatem universe can configure how the time tokens are spent within their game based on value.

  • All mechanics on the AlphaBatem platform require time tokens to operate, resulting in heavy burn pressure on the infinite token.

How It Works

  1. The user enters their preferred Metaverse (connected via the Alphabatem SDK)

  2. The user plays X amount of hours within the Metaverse

    1. A session is extended by Y on every implicit action on-chain

    2. A session is ended when the user exits/closes the connection

  3. User is rewarded X tokens based on the following:


    2. SESSION_LENGTH = Time played

    3. FLOW_RATE = Inflow/Outflow of the token vs reward token

    4. CURRENCY = Current value of the metaverse currency

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