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AlphaBatem is the culmination of over ten years of work, and experience with next-generation technologies at scale, along with more than six years of industry and enterprise research in Augmented Reality (AR), Spatial Computing (SC) and Machine Learning (ML). It is the fruition of a life-long dream to bring software and architectural technologies from science fiction to reality, make what was previously thought to be impossible, and make them possible. 

Our team has been building the underlying technology for large-scale AR and real-time gamification of the existing space for many years with the goal of replicating the AR scene from Iron Man 2 (Reference). This development culminated in the "Oasis Engine", which allows users to operate in a latent space regardless of technology (AR/VR/2D/3D) and provide a consistent multiplayer experience to all users. Additionally, the entirety of AlphaBatem is built on top of our spatial computing core, allowing persistent AR and spatial/location-based experiences. 

Thought experience: "What is the minimum requirement to build an engaging authoritative game engine?"

AlphaBatem is built upon three pillars:

  1. A computational mechanism to run instructions

  2. Randomness

  3. Time

From these points, any manner of game engines and interactions can be built on top. 

This brings us to Solana. Although early in development, it shows promise of <400ms block, times allowing a somewhat fluid game engine to be possible, paired with randomness to generate exciting and engaging experiences. This could be done without "randomness”; however, this would hamper the feasibility of "engaging interactions". As humans, we have always been drawn to the unknown randomness of life.

"Time" is the most limited resource in existence for each individual. However, one's "time" spent within a platform is rarely compensated, and instead, their value is determined by how much they spend instead of how long they engage. Therefore, a decentralised marketplace and advertising platform which rewards users' "time" will reward users for their most precious, definite, unrecoverable resource – their “time”.

AlphaBatem is not just a metaverse; it is an entire spatial computing platform in a box, enabling the next generation of technologies to be built on top of its core, promoting a sizeable decentralised ecosystem across B2B, AR and the Metaverse. It is a testament to our team and technologies that we have already secured rights to provide these technologies to institutions worldwide.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you,

- Scott Hague, Founder, AlphaBatem


AlphaBatem is a suite of next-generation metaverse technologies. We provide the toolkit to bridge out of home (OOH) and programmatic advertising into their Metaverse utilising next-generation proof of view and engagement strategies and real-time hyper-targeted B2B advertising. We further provide on-chain logic engines within metaverses, provably fair gaming contracts, marketplaces, shops, and further resources. Businesses and developers can integrate our infrastructure into their Metaverse to utilise the full suite of products via our SDK's and API. 

Our Oasis engine enables users to interact with a metaverse in 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) devices by implementing a common latent space between all users allowing an enriching user and environment interaction. Furthermore, all Oases can be spatially mapped to specific locations within the natural world via our future-proof geolocation technologies to enable physical world metaverse gamification. Users can also utilise the AlphaBatem motion capture application to fully synchronise their avatar within the Oasis, allowing real-time live events.

The AlphaBatem Advertising platform enables advertisers and integrated metaverses to benefit from hyper-targeted, highly granular, programmatic advertising while fairly rewarding the user for their time through our "proof of engagement" strategies. This will open advertising and customer audience opportunities within the Metaverse for new and existing advertising networks.

AlphaBatem's Central-Oasis is an evolving Metaverse hub powered by the technologies mentioned above and driven by a dynamic token economy.  The Central Oasis acts as a gateway to partnered ecosystems, including alternative virtual environments for brands, businesses, and other virtual games and metaverses. Users will obtain land within virtual environments, build their own, or host other Oases. In addition, they may import all their existing NFT's from other Metaverses or collections and display them within the constructions they build on their land. 

The AlphaBatem team has deep experience in emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Geospatial location, Blockchain, and Smart Cities. The group consists of highly experienced start-up and enterprise veterans and an engineering team with an extensive history of successful large-scale products on distributed networks and advertising platforms for large blue-chip companies.

By providing developer toolkits for the AlphaBatem platform users & developers can create their own metaverse experience. This will allow developers to build once and deploy across all environments. The complete toolkit will cover all existing mainstream game engines SDK’s & toolkits including the following:

Key Features

  • Web3 MultiPlayer

  • Metaverse Fabricator

  • Land & Building Creator

  • Low & No Code Workflow/Game Editor

  • Cross-Chain

  • NFT Import Spatial mapping & GeoLocation services

  • Global Authentication

Summary of value proposition

  1. Metaverse Fabricator provides users and businesses with a complete toolkit to create their Metaverse, and monetise this effectively

  2. Central Multiplayer Metaverse Hub - Browser and AR - VR - XR compatible. 

  3. Integration Technology Layer that instantly enhances existing partner Metaverses/Games. 

  4. Augmented Reality Spatial Platform enabling rich XR experiences within the real world.

  5. User-centric advertising platform ensures users are rewarded for being exposed to any advertising and allows advertisers hyper-targeted advertising opportunities.

  6. Global Marketplace and Metaverse Shops allowing anyone to buy/sell their NFT metaverse merchandise. NFT Import Toolkit 

  7. Extensively experienced team

1. Metaverse Fabricator

The AlphaBatem Fabricator allows users and businesses to create their Metaverse through an easy to use web UI with no previous coding experience. 

Users can create their Metaverse within AlphaBatem represented as an ERC721 token. Upon creation, the user has access to the entire product suite to create their Metaverse within a user-friendly UI.

Metaverse owners can quickly upload their design assets through an NFT Import toolkit and easily place these items within their own Oasis to build their ideas. All platform services are also provided in API and Game SDK format to allow developers flexibility on implementation. 

  • Web3 Multiplayer

  • Virtual Oasis

    • Item placement

    • Public and Private oasis instances

    • Gaming via smart-contracts

  • Land and Building Manager

  • Land Map

  • NFT Marketplace

    • Fair Launch

    • Mystery Boxes

    • NFT Sales, Auctions and management

2. Central Multiplayer Metaverse Hub

Central Multiplayer Metaverse Hub AlphaBatem Central Oasis acts as a central hub where users can collaborate in a multiplayer environment across interconnected external virtual environments. Here users can interact with each other, purchase goods and services through our Malls, Discover new metaverses and virtual Oases. The Central Oasis also acts as a marketing opportunity for businesses who wish to place their constructions and shops there.

Users can access the metaverse hub through Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and in their browser by leveraging Oasis engine technology. This includes full support for hand and motion tracking enabling rich, high fidelity, multiplayer experiences.

3. Integration Technology Layer

Partners & other metaverses/games are able to utilize the AlphaBatem platform & SDK’s to supercharge their development & features, just to list a few:

  • Global Authentication & Profile

  • Web3 Compatible multiplayer

  • Cross-Chain NFT Import

  • Oasis Engine

  • Land & Marketplace Engine

  • No-Code Metaverse Fabricator

  • Virtual Reality support (head & hand tracking)

4. Augmented Reality & Spatial Platform

AlphaBatems existing core technology allows developers & businesses to implement rich, engaging augmented reality experiences and place them within the real world through spatial markers. Users are notified of near-by markers and are able to interact with the Oasis engine through Augmented Reality with First class support for Augmented Glasses.

5. User-Centric Advertising Platform

We provide traditional businesses and advertisers with access to advertise within the Metaverse through a unique time reward system, ensuring users are rewarded for any advertising they interact with. This allows for unique branding opportunities, hyper-targeted advertising and analytics.

Developers can quickly and easily integrate our advertising SDK's into their game to provide additional rewards to their users and always maintain full control over how and where advertising may be shown. 

6. Global Marketplace

AlphaBatem provides a global cross-chain marketplace supporting ERC-20,ERC-721,ERC-1155 tokens. All metaverses created using our proprietary Metaverse Fabricator will have that environment's NFTs automatically uploaded to the Global Marketplace. This allows users to browse assets across all metaverses hosted through AlphaBatem's infrastructure, providing extensive exposure for these assets and their associated metaverses.

Users can peruse the marketplace for items and assets through a high-powered search engine, place bids, and explore the assets and metaverses within its associated metaverse or environment. Integrating existing metaverse into AlphaBatem is easy, and the global marketplace provides instant exposure for these assets.

7. NFT Import Toolkit

This tool takes the output of an NFT, including the associated metadata, and imports them into a virtual model within AlphaBatem. The NFT Import process will eventually be run within ICP and FileCoin/IPFS to ensure all imported models are always accessible to the user.

Tracker NFT

The AlphaBatem importer utilises cross-chain tracker tokens to manage the ownership of an external asset. Tracker NFT’s utilise AlphaBatem Oracles & Chain-data to ensure any transfer events are reflected on the tracker NFT. In the event of the resultant wallet not being available, tracker tokens can be claimed by the corresponding owner at any time through their AlphaBatem profile.

Migration NFT

Users wishing to move their NFT cross-chain are able to “Migrate” their NFT from one chain to another (locking the original NFT until the reverse transfer is completed). The difference between a Migration and Tracker functionality is that tracker NFT’s remain on their own chain and follow the upstream ownership flow. Whereas Migration NFT’s are the physical NFT itself being moved cross-chain.

Why Is AlphaBatem needed?

The number of metaverses is growing exponentially. However , the underlying architecture remains unsophisticated, meaning there is little consideration of how they may capitalise on this metaverse at the point of inception. This includes implementing programmatic advertising, attracting businesses to advertise in a simple to use format, geospatial location technologies, or implementing AR or VR into their systems. Therefore, many metaverses remain "games" unable to sustain themselves or grow. Our infrastructure technologies, for the first time, allow this possibility.

Furthermore, every Metaverse remains a silo unto itself. To visit different metaverse experiences, users must switch in and out of networks for access. This is not sustainable due to a suboptimal user experience. AlphaBatem is an attractive proposition as it allows the interconnection of these metaverses through the Central Oasis. However, it provides the infrastructure mentioned above and technologies to enable further capitalisation and exposure in addition to interconnection.

By providing developer toolkits for the AlphaBatem platform users & developers can create their own metaverse experience. This will allow developers to build once and deploy across all environments. The complete toolkit will cover all existing mainstream game engines SDK’s & toolkits including the following:

Key Features

  • Web3 MultiPlayer

  • Metaverse Fabricator

  • Land & Building Creator

  • Low & No Code Workflow/Game Editor

  • Cross-Chain NFT Import

  • Spatial mapping & GeoLocation services

  • Global Authentication

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