Metaverse Fabricator

The AlphaBatem Fabricator allows users and businesses to create their Metaverse through an easy to use web UI with no previous coding experience. 

Users can create their Metaverse within AlphaBatem represented as an ERC721 token. Upon creation, the user has access to the entire product suite to create their Metaverse within a user-friendly UI.

Metaverse owners can quickly upload their design assets through an NFT Import toolkit and easily place these items within their own Oasis to build their ideas. All platform services are also provided in API and Game SDK format to allow developers flexibility on implementation. 

  • Web3 Multiplayer

  • Virtual Oasis

    • Item placement

    • Public and Private oasis instances

    • Gaming via smart-contracts

  • Land and Building Manager

  • Land Map

  • NFT Marketplace

    • Fair Launch

    • Mystery Boxes

    • NFT Sales, Auctions and management

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