Oasis Gameplay

Creating your own game Oasis

  1. Your Avatar

  2. Acquiring Land. Users can create an Oasis of any desired size by purchasing land tiles. To ensure a smooth multiplayer experience for everyone in the Oasis, AlphaBatem utilises intelligent chunking of network traffic and scales out, using the ICP network to provide additional compute resources where required.

  3. Creating a MMO Virtual Oasis Users can create a virtual oasis and decorate it by importing existing NFTs or buying/finding AlphaBatem NFT's

  4. Trade and Play games with other Oasis users in real-time

  5. NFT Boxes

Mystery Boxes can be found randomly throughout a player's adventure based on participation in activities. Boxes can be sold to other players or stored in an Oasis freely by the player, allowing for a true "play to earn" ecosystem.

AlphaBatem will introduce a limited quantity of Mystery Boxes with unique items for each theme of land. Once the supply of Mystery Boxes has been depleted, those items will become unobtainable with a set rarity and quantity based on the circulating supply of that item. Equally, players can choose to store the crate itself, and it will not generate its unique item until it is opened.

Each crate requires $ABTM or TIME to open based on the type of crate; each time a player opens a crate, they will receive an NFT item ranging from Common to Unique. All items generated can be placed within a player's Oasis or sold either in a user's shop or on the marketplace for $ABTM.

How it works

  1. Showcasing and Trading NFTs

  2. Playing Games

  3. Browse the Metaverse and socialise

  4. Levelling Up - increase the reward potential

  5. Customising your avatar, Oasis, and Metaverse

P2P Trading and Games

Users can trade or swap any existing NFT with other users via p2p smart contracts. Users can agree on prices and parameters within the game before signing and accepting the transaction through their connected wallet. All transfers are updated in real-time within the AlphaBatem ecosystem giving you access to the Item or NFT instantly once verified on-chain.

In-Oasis Gaming

In-oasis P2P gaming is enabled via smart contracts; these smart contracts can be triggered within the game by interacting with other players or objects in an oasis. AIn addition, all results and status of the smart contract are shown visually to the user to provide a more immersive experience.

AlphaBatem NFT items equipped with smart contract functionality allow users to host and run their interactive games or events within their own Oasis.

Within AlphaBatem users can customise & decorate their oasis with various NFT items they have purchased, all other items within the AlphaBatem universe are generated. AlphaBatem's marketplace can be used to buy or sell any AlphaBatem or Community created content either in mystery box or item form. Players can either visit a physical marketplace oasis to browse the items for sale or simply list their item for sale through the item post.

Virtual High-street

Within the hub of AlphaBatem users are able to rent space to setup their own shop to sell NFT’s or AlphaBatem items, just like a normal oasis, users will be able to design their own store & storefront to attract customers.

Other metaverse projects that have integrated with the AlphaBatem SDK will be able to create Pylon jump points within the oasis to allow quick navigation between the central oasis and user-created oasis.

In the future users will be able to create shop-fronts and link to an oasis containing items bound to the physical world, not just virtual. Oasis hosts will be able to import and display items within their oasis that link back to physical items that can be purchased in-game or on-chain and then be delivered by the oasis owner.

AlphaBatem will offer SDK & API support to provide this functionality via Oracle integrations to Stripe or other payment providers.

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