Oasis (Web3 Infrastructure)

The AlphaBatem Oasis encompasses all metaverses utilizing the Alphabatem platform providing a common environment for users across all metaverses to meet and discover other metaverses.

Every Metaverse that joins AlphaBatem will be its own Oasis within the network. Using real-time WebSocke technology, guests can cross-interact with users at other Oases without leaving the system. Currently, users of one Metaverse cannot interact with users of other metaverses. With AlphaBatem, guests can use this feature to chat or to play smart contract-based P2P games across Oases. Users can also trade and swap NFTs of different Metaverses and choose to trade and swap items.

AlphaBatem uses the industry's leading game engines (Unity, Unreal, Godot), AR engines (ARKit, ARCore, Holo-lense) and VR engines (Meta, Oculus), and our SDK will provide technology integrated from the most common engines. Thus, availing our ecosystem to any game and Metaverse in the industry.

High throughput AR today has significantly raised the limit of AlphaBatem's potential. With AR's lowered cost and availability, AlphaBatem will merge our existing grid-based implementation of a metaverse with the physical world. As a result, we can overlay any existing metaverse onto the real world. At the same time, any NFTs or virtual assets can be embedded within the virtual world to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, AlphaBatem is based on a spatial grid of Earth, with each tile representing 3mx3m, allowing us to map items onto the physical world accurately.

AlphaBatem's core Fabric consists of multiple engines and toolkits made available to all partner metaverses. In addition, we provide SDK's and API's that will give our metaverse partners the option to choose from a wide selection of AlphaBatem engines. This will enable them to quickly integrate unique AlphaBatem-powered functionalities such as multiplayer, geotagged events, and our interaction-enhanced NFTs.

Oasis Engine

The AlphaBatem Oasis Engine allows users to create their public and private areas within the Metaverse where they can build and implement their metaverse ideas and designs without needing to understand Game engines, Coding or Blockchain.

AlphaBatem aims to provide first class support for all major game development engines along with compatible Web3 implementations such as WebAssembly and Javascript. These SDK's provide an easy to use development interface for all AlphaBatem services with full developer documentation.

Key Features

  • Provably Fair Gaming

  • Cross-Chain Profile

  • Shops and Payments

    • Virtual Changing Rooms

    • Physical Goods and Retail integration

  • eCommerce integration

  • Virtual Reality engine support

  • Augmented Reality engine

  • OnChain Logic engines

  • Game engine SDK's and APIs

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