Global Marketplace

AlphaBatem's marketplace can be used to buy or sell any AlphaBatem or community-created content either in mystery box or item form. Alternatively, guests can also visit the Oasis of a physical marketplace to either browse the items for sale or list them for sale.

Upon completing metaverse creation (Oasis), a localised NFT marketplace is spawned for the metaverse owner and configured to allow the owner to upload and sell their own NFT's. Metaverse owners can control various aspects of the marketplace such as royalties, resales, item types etc. In addition, owners can adjust the styling of the marketplace to ensure brand alignment.

Key Features

  • Cross-Chain Marketplace

  • Global Metaverse marketplace

    • Metaverse verification

  • Master Edition and Print NFT's (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)

  • NFT creation

    • 2D

    • 3D

    • AR

    • VR

  • Fair Launch Protocols

  • Land Sales

  • Raffle and Lottery

  • Mystery Box support

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