Advertising Platform

AlphaBatem provides an advertising platform allowing traditional advertisers to access advertising opportunities within different Metaverses or games.

AlphaBatem will bridge the gap between traditional advertising platforms by building enterprise-grade integrations into existing advertising platforms, along with a decentralised advertising platform allowing Metaverse partners to benefit from a greater variety of advertising and partnership opportunities. In addition, our teams' extensive experience with programmatic, granular advertising has allowed us to develop a system that rewards users or their “time” a “engagement” within Metaverses built using our infrastructure.

Relational Flow Tracking

AlphaBatems platform aggregates and monitors on-chain activity to build up in-depth relational analytics around the movement of tokens and NFT's across networks providing unparalleled insight into the network operators and their users.

Enhanced Advertising Targeting

By utilising cross-chain data and analytics, AlphaBatem can build in-depth profiles around a user's movement and preferences across the blockchain ecosystem and provide output in highly targeted granular advertising and analytics.

Example: “Only show Advert A to users who are within 2 meters of the sign B in direct line of sight who have a history of purchasing X but don't currently have any Y in their wallet.”

User Participation

During a user's session within a Metaverse, the user may encounter one or more advertisements based on the metaverse implementation. However, unlike traditional advertising models, the AlphaBatem platform rewards users each for the “time” they are exposed to ads, allowing users to earn tokens while playing.

Key Features

  • Hyper Granular Targeted Advertising

  • Programmatic campaign engine

  • Traditional B2B integration

  • User participation rewards

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