Cross-Chain NFT Import

The adoption of NFT's has exposed some truly amazing art and virtual works from designers worldwide. However, there is no unified, cohesive way to appreciate some of these NFT assets. AlphaBatem solves this by providing an interactive world where NFT's can be displayed and traded with customisation only limited by the user's imagination. In addition, AlphaBatem includes support for the importation of objects, wall decorations and more into your virtual Oasis from other NFT projects. When importing an NFT into AlphaBatem, the user can select from a variety of functions and smart-contract triggers to give the imported NFT's added functionality.

Users wishing to import their external NFT's into AlphaBatem can do so through our online NFT import tool. This tool takes the output of an NFT its associated metadata and imports them into a model within AlphaBatem. This model and its associated information can then be placed within an Oasis. The NFT Import process will eventually run within ICP and FileCoin/IPFS to ensure all imported models are always accessible to the user.

These features include:

  • Import NFT items spanning multiple tiles

  • Easy to use UI for scaling and aligning objects

  • Instantly available within AlphaBatem Oasis

  • Generated asset available through API

  • Metadata assignment and sync

  • Automatic collision and occlusion generation

  • Block-based pricing

  • Multiple import types

    • Item/Object

    • Wall Decoration

    • Floor Decoration

    • Player Avatar and Sprite

The tool is currently in early beta, and many more features will be added as NFT's evolve

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