Virtual Reality

AlphaBatem is developing on the frontline of VR and XR technologies to provide consistent rich experiences across devices, allowing developers and designers to focus on design rather than managing inconsistencies across platforms.

Oasis Integration

All AlphaBatem Oases can be visualised in VR. The underlying spatial grid ensures a consistent experience across the Metaverse within the galaxy and ensures scaling is correct when viewing from a VR headset.

Hand/Position Tracking

Enhance existing 3D models via enabling the use of Hand and Position tracking. On compatible VRM models, users can freely control their character's arms based on the position of their controllers. Hand tracking provides an intuitive way for users to navigate menus and interact with the world just like they do in the real world. AlphaBatem SDK's and API's allow easy access to this data stream and simple integration into existing compatible sprites.

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