Industry Use Cases

AlphaBatem is focused on building the technology & infrastructure required to support the next generation of interactive experiences across a multitude of industries. By leveraging Augmented & Virtual reality, users can experience a more immersive visit along with opportunities for sales uplift and user experience during traditional “down periods” of activity.


  • Virtual Showroom
  • Virtual drive
  • Unlimited space for all model variants
  • Dynamic model variant customization (car customiser)
  • Customer only experiences


  • Digital & Physical goods sale
  • Display large catalogues of items (Infinite space!)
  • Augmented reality changing rooms
  • Limited edition items & verification
  • Customer only experiences


  • Faster route to market via AlphaBatem SDK’s
  • Public/Private user Oasis integration
  • User centric marketplace & time-balanced token
  • Open interoperable layer between all Metaverses to enable collaboration
  • Game Item & NFT import


  • Augmented reality table based minigames & rewards
  • Augmented reality menu & management system
  • Virtual Check-In’s
  • Metaverse presence
  • Customer only experiences

Social and Streaming

  • Live Motion Capture
  • Live Large scale events
  • Unlimited capacity venues
  • Streaming platform integration & live previews
  • Viewer rewards & gifting


  • Virtual stadium creation
  • Live-streaming
  • Capturing stadium fans "attention" post-game
  • Virtual stadium events and games


  • Induction tool for healthcare staff
  • Medical emergency simulation
  • Virtual surgery training & environment simulation